February 12, 2016

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In the What A Difference A Year Makes department, it’s amazing to see how much can change in the space of a year.  The automotive world was more or less humming along, despite alarmist warnings and dire predictions.  A year later, many auto companies have gone belly up and a few are struggling to restructure.  One good thing comes out of it, the electric car has never looked promising.

  • Volvo’s Diesel PHEV.  Vovlo is trying to show it is still a relevant player in the crowded world of plug-in hybrids, PHEV with an ingenious parallel hybrid system diesel PHEV that uses 71% of its 11.3 kWh pack of lithium ion batteries to power the back wheels for about 30 miles, after which the diesel drives the front wheels.  Source FastCompany.  And it seems it will be manufactured.
  • GreenlightAC Goes Ahead With Charging Station Infrastructure.  Known as the Chargebar will work with both 120v and 240v vehicles, won’t require membership, proprietary technologies, or specialized knowledge.  Source: Gas2.
  • Lithium Breakthrough.  It seems we can’t go a week without another lithium battery breakthrough and this time it is coming from Dow Corning Toray Co Ltd who have shown at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2009 a way to burn silicon in order to finely disperse it, raising its capacity to 650-800mAh/g, more than double that of graphite currently used.  Source: NikeiBP.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more on Magna’s electric car research and the future of the Volt.

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