February 12, 2016

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The more we look at them, the more we like them.  The electric scooter is a perfect urban mate for small commute that can potentially save on operation costs and pollution.

The gist is that cities should offer more incentives for drivers with small commutes to switch over to electricity.  If taking public transportation is a great alternative, it doesn’t always go where we need to be, when we need it.  The electric vehicle is a healthier contender and the electric scooter makes perfect sense for many.

Electric Scooters, Perfect For Small Commutes.  The electric scooter is the perfect small commute mate.  While some of them are highly sophisticated, there is a crop of rather affordable ones.  The Xtreme LB 700Li retails for less than $2,000 and the 500 version under $800.  Of course you can go higher end and choose a Vectrix.  However the company seems to be in trouble, so we can’t vouch on their future.

Budgets For Everyone.  Checking out electric scooters on Sears returned 2 brands with a few selections.  E-Moto and DCI Motors ranging from $1350 to over 2600.

As in any EVs, electric scooters come with different technology.  The top of the line, albeit more expensive Vectrix offers excellent regenerative braking while the entry level will be no-frills, all will get you close distances without problems.  Electric scooters make for a perfect urban solution to tackle the environment problem and gas price that is going up again.

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