February 8, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Global researche and breakthroughs are paving the way for tomorrow’s electric drive.

  • Magna Fights Fiat For Opel.  Opel is in a nice place, compared to other companies left out on the block with now Magna making an offer on Opel, according to GreenCarCongress.  Too bad these great car companies were bought up and eventually brought into bankruptcy when they were doing well on their own, at least most of them.
  • Argonne Tackles Hybrid Batteries.  Dear to us here at Electricnick is the topic of hybrid batteries, i.e. regular batteries working with ultracapacitors and here is more on the Argonne research, via AutoBlogGreenHere is more on it.
  • Plug In America.  Who is Plug In America?  From an undeterred group of vocal electric vehicle, EV aficionados to the organization that has backed legislation and grassroots movement, here is more on the non-for-profit movement from CaliforniaProgressReport.  We will have more on Plug In America soon.
  • How Does A Supercapacitor Work? Glad you asked and since a picture is often better than a thousand words, Supercapacitor.org does a good job at explaining it.
  • 26 Utilities With The Renault-Nissan Alliance.  So far 26 utilities have lined up with the Renault-Nissan alliance, according to Earth2Tech.  Everyone knows it is a challenge but it has to start somewhere.
  • Update On The Lampo.  Remember the Lampo project that impressed us a while back?  According to Wired, Protoscar brought the Lampo to the big EVs24 alt-fuel symposium where it was noticed with a lot of interest.  The Lampo might not aspire to mass production but it shows what engineers can do in a year.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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