February 9, 2016

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Zero Motorcycle is making quite an impression on motorcycle journalists who are probably caught off-guard with an electric vehicle, EV like that.  So what is it about it?

The gist is that while electric cars get all the buzz, electric motorcycles have been coming up quickly and furiously in the news radar.  Motorcycle journalists intrigued by this new means of propulsion are coming to grips with the electric engine and no other drivers can be as passionate about what they drive as they are.

Zero X.  By now, you’ve read plenty on the Zero X.  Light, powerful, silent, agile, etc., this bike has it all.  And yes, lest we should forget the obvious, it is a first generation electric bike, meaning it will have room for improvements, i.e. battery technology will grow within the next few years.  The new Zero S is proof enough.

Tricks Up Its Sleeves.  One thing that impressed us about this bike and something all EVs should have is that it allows you to choose between speed and torque.  According to MotorcycleOnline,  the dashboard has a LED battery indicator and 2 switches, allowing the rider to choose a power and speed mode.  In the 100% torque, the Zero X lunges forward as soon as the electrons flow.  To quote the article: “you twist the grip-startling in terms of both its urgency and silence.”

Zero Motorcycle certainly puts the bar high and heralds a new dawn for electric motorcycles.  With the Zero S coming out as the street version, we can only imagine going forward the company will refine their bikes, as technology progresses to eventually take on the queens of the roads, the 750 and 900 of this world.  In the meantime, we can’t wait to try out the S.

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