Waiting On The Electric Mini

The Mini EV is getting ready to roll out on our streets as drivers eagerly await their electric commute to begin.  It’s an new electric era.

The gist is that many small internal combustion engine, ICE cars make ideal platforms for an electric drive conversion, one of which would have to be the Mini.  BMW is not the first one to have converted a Mini to electricity.  Do you remember out post back in late July last year talking about the outrageous 640hp electric Mini from PML?

The BMW Electric Challenge.  In order to help with their Mini conversion, BMW asked for the help of none other then veteran player, AC Propulsion for the electric drive technology part.

Getting The Mini EV Ready.  In a few weeks, the electric Mini will finally be delivered to 450 excited driver eagerly expecting to test drive it a year in Los Angels, New York and New Jersey, than back home it goes.  You can expect us to track them down and ask a few questions.  According to the LA Times, people are impatiently awaiting their EV.  However, it seems BMW does not plan to make a mass produced version of it.  It would rather use the data and build one from scratch, hopefully by 2012.  As much as it makes technical sense to do that, we wonder if BMW is once again not taking a few steps back in order to jump the widening gap.

Mini Has DNA.  The plan to electrify a Mini makes perfect sense.  It is easily recognized, has a strong following and it is a shame BMW won’t back it up as a mass produced car.  Hopefully it will change its mind.  In the meantime, others will surely jump on that band wagon.

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