Little Steps Make Electric Cars A Possibility

It’s electric, it has phenomenal torque, it doesn’t pollute at the tail pipe, what more could you want?  Range?  It is getting there.  Better prices?  It’s also getting there.  The electric vehicle, EV is the vehicle of tomorrow, right here, right now.

  • MIT’s Annual IDEAS Contest. What makes new technology flourish?  Research and mass production.  Hence MIT’s awarding projects to provide electricity in rural areas not currently served by electric grids, according to NewsWire.
  • Citroen Hypnos, Hypnotic.  The hybrid, HEV Citroen Hypnos is not only a treat on the eye but offers some impressive numbers.  Using a 2L diesel putting out 200hp with a 50hp electric motor, it gets 62.7 mpg Imperial, 52 mpg U.S., 4.5l/100km, with CO2 emissions under 120g/km, according to AutoBlogGreen.
  • Hybrids Help Auto Market Recover.  At least that’s what a study form Fuji Keizai Group shows, according to DomainB.
  • Fed Say No To Hydrogen.  One of the biggest news this week is how the U.S. government cut the hydrogen budget down via the DoE, which got the hydrogen lobbies spinning into a frenzy.  Source; CNET.  Our take? There are other priorities right now.  Let’s work on batteries.
  • MarketWatch Discovers The Nissan EV-02.  IT is always fun when you read about a journalist’s first experience with a real electric vehicle, EV.  MarketWatch tried the Nissan EV-02 and finally gets it when we talk about the EV grin.
  • Racing Hybrids.  By now you know we are huge enthusiast of racing hybrids, HEV.  It not only pushes the technology forward but brings to the mass the extraordinary benefits of the electric drive.  Wired has a story on the event sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers we mentioned a while back.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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