Best Buy Taps The Electric Drive

One company that is tapping into the electric drive band wagon is Best Buy who is already selling, at select stores the A2B electric bicycle.  Now news comes that it might also sell the Brammo bike from Inertia Bike.

The gist is that not just the automobile industry is completely shifting and experiencing an earthquake.  Retail stores see the incoming tidal wave of electric propulsion vehicles as a way to drum up their sagging sales.  Some Best Buy stores are already selling the A2B electric bicycle, we are due to test drive soon.  There are rumors now that the store is considering selling Internia Bike’s Brammo.

What’s The Big Deal? This statement really caught our attention:  “Best Buy will treat the Enertia like any other consumer electronic sold by the store.”  Electric bikes sold as consumer goods!  Now that’s a fundamental paradigm shift in the vehicle industry and the business model.  Could this be part of what we have been claiming for so long?  The fundamental business model needs to change in order to successfully sale and make a profit from electric vehicles, EVs?  We believe this is a strong sign of steps taken in the right direction.

Source: EcoGeek, AutoBlogGreen, Best Buy.

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