Intricacies Of The Electric Car Market

If the technology behind electric vehicles, EV is not new, the business model and management is receiving a serious face lift.  What was once thought of as being the profit makers, pickup trucks and SUVs are now being replaced with lighter, fuel efficient cars.  It is a revolution in the making our grandchildren will be asking us about.

  • The Premium Of Driving Without Gas.  In the arguments of for or against the Volt, the one we favor more, for is the amount pf premium some people will pay in order to drive off of electric without using gasoline.  According to the WashingtonPost, Lyle Dennis answers Charles Lane’s The Volt: Not Ready to Roll piece on op-ed, April 29.  It’s hard to gauge at this moment.  Gas is coming up and the Volt is not ready, but both points are valid.
  • Another PHEV From GM? It seems GM is drumming its beat loud and clear by saying it isn’t just thinking about the Volt, but also another plug-in hybrid, PHEV concept.  Most likely it will the left over from the Saturn Vue PHEV they were working on.  According to Edmunds, GM vice Chairman Tom Stephens announced plans for 14 other PHEVs, as well as pure electric vehicles, EVs.
  • Ford Ex-Engineer Puts The Heat On Ford.  Kurt Neutgens, CEO and founder of startup Plug-In Motors of Missouri was the engineering manager of the Ford F150 and converts them and Mustangs into PHEVs with regenerative braking systems capable of reaching 85mph, according to CleanTech.
  • Audi Gets The Electric Thing.  After VW dipped its toes into the EV scene, Audi wants to develop an A3 Twin Drive Hybrid, HEV, according to AllCarsElectric.  The cars could be tested by 2012 and sport a 4 cylinder diesel coupled with 3 electric motors, rated at 30kW driving all wheels.
  • Renault’s First Real Electric Car.  To show the results of the Renault-Nissan Alliance with Better Place, Renault is introducing its Kangoo be bop Z.E., according to GreenCarReports.  The EV uses a 15kW battery pack from Automotive Energy Supply, Nissan’s joint venture with NEC, currently achieves 60 miles with a 100 mile.

One thing we can be sure of in these uncertain times, nothing rests, everything moves.  Stay tuned for more.