February 7, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

It’s good to see another website dedicated solely to electric vehicles, EV.  And nuts is EVnut when it comes to defending the benefits of EVs. EVs Are For Girls is also another dedicated site.

The gist is that its grassroots movement, such as what Plug In America has done for the last few years that gets the news out there that EVs are stellar performers compared to their clunky inefficient internal combustion engine, ICE counterparts.  EVNut also does just that.

Fun Drive, EV.  The owner of the site, Darrell has driven an impressive list of the who’s who of EVs, namely the Tesla Roadster, the Wrightspeed X1, the Commuter Cars Tango, the Mitsubishi iMiEV, amongst a few.  And his impressions?  “I have ridden in some high performance vehicles. And nothing -NOTHING- prepared me for this. The ride was quite literally the thrill of a lifetime.” talking about the Wrightspeed X1.

Electric Cars Are For Girls, Also.  Another fun website you can go and read good posts is the Electric Cars Are For Girls, and we would add “also”, in case anyone gets confused.

What we sometimes forget is that the little guys do more than flashy corporations bleeding mismanaged funds achieve wit predictable marketing.  Think of what the low fund: “Who Killed The Electric Car?” did for EVs in general.

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