February 12, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

One of our favorite subject here is battery, specifically electric vehicle, EV batteries.  With an announcement that BYD has developed a new type of battery, how serious is it and how much will it help the electric drive?

The gist is that innovations in what we might think of the one track battery industry, such as the use and promise of lithium should always be open to new and different technologies.

BYD’s Claim.  BYD claims to have developed a battery that uses ferrous ion, which is cheap, plentiful and green, according to the VancouverSun.  If this battery pans out, it could mean another revolution and hopefully spark more innovations to introduce better, lighter and more powerful battery technologies.

Finding Out The Facts.  And there lie the problem, very little is known about the new technology that sometimes is associated to lithium, sometimes not.  So far stories creep in around revolutionary company claims ranging from zinc air to carbon and plastic materials.  The biggest story around these breakthrough news come from the EEStor company providing ultracapacitors who has promised amazing results for years but have shown nothing but hearsay.  So far we would say to keep an eye on Maxwell who has already shown some promising signs.

The next few years will be remarkable as more and more breakthroughs will happen.  We can pretty much predict at some point, someone will have perfected the ultracapacitor technology that will revolutionize electric cars and trucks.  Can you imagine a little battery capable of recharging with as much electricity you are willing to through at it, have stellar performance giving away great amount of energy?  So far, we feel the future of the battery technology is more in the premise of ultracaps.

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