February 7, 2016

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We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, we are impressed with Nissan’s determination to go full electric, sooner than later.  There have been a lot of talk but unfortunately not a lot of follow up.

The gist is that at first, we thought Nissan was indulging in a typical car maker split tongue talk, we will do that while we do something completely opposite.  After a sustained year of crisis, Nissan, with its Renault partner is still going full steam ahead towards full electric cars.  Why would Nissan do this when all other major manufacturers work on hybrids, HEVs of one sort or another?

Nissan Sees The Light? It’s hard to say exactly why Nissan is going in the full electric vehicle, EV route.  Could it be that Better Place has bent Carlos Ghosn’s ear to accept the electric drive as the only real sustainable choice for tomorrow’s driving future?  Or is it just another ploy for a car maker to stay ahead of the curve?  Either way, we are happy to see it.

Laying Down The Foundations.  And we can’t say Nissan is all talks.  The electric prototype EV-02 has gathered some great reviews and at an estimated price of around $20,000, it should find happy customers.  Nissan also has announced clear and concise plans to gear up the infrastructure of its operations in the U.S. towards mass production of EVs.  And now there is news of the company closely working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, according to NewsOXY.

The fact that Nissan is partnering with the laboratory is interesting because the aim is to work on making hybrids, HEV better.  Nissan’s role is going to be for the second part, introducing fully electric cars.  So far, Nissan is playing all the right moves, laying down a strategy that clearly hints at this company being a global leader in the electric drive for tomorrow’s world.

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