Electric Cars, Are We There Yet?

Given the current state of technology, the dire state of the global economy, it’s a wonder we don’t see more electric vehicles, EV driving on our roads.  Though small neighborhood electric vehicles, NEV are becoming more and more popular, what’s the hang up?

  • PHEV Baloney! Another stab from Joh Petersen at Seeking Alpha on PHEV who makes some very acute points.  Just to recap, at Electricnick we believe the best result would be full EVs, as long as we continue to ramp up sustainable energy and see hybrids, HEV and Plug-In Hybrids, PHEV as stepping stones to EV.  So why not cut to the chase?  Some car makers are doing it.  According to John; “There is no such thing as a cost-effective electric vehicle that will carry a family of four at highway speeds.”  Just go and read the article and tell your thoughts on it.
  • ER-EV Baloney Also! It must be something in the stars against PHEVs in general but this article from the Washington Post now takes a stab at the extended range electric vehicle, ER-EV/PHEV Chevy Volt, stating that GM is now considering more costs cut while already having sunk $1 billion on a car that may not see the light of day.
  • EV Maker Raises Funds.  If the news hasn’t been very tender with HEVs. ER-EVs and PHEVs, EV propulsion maker EVT Motors Ltd., has just raised $12 million in finds, according to PEHub.
  • Nissan Refines It’s EV Strategy.  And here is one car maker that is trying to by-pass the HEV/ER-EV/PHEV phase by completely embracing EV.  Nissan is laying down their founding blocks for their EV strategy, according to the InternationalBusinessTimes.
  • The State Of The Lithium Industry.  The lithium industry is running a lot of ink with a geo-political shift to Bolivia and a supposedly, either a lack or abundance of the precious ore.  According to ResourceInvestor, the “Lithium Supply And Market” conference in Santiago, Chile in January yielded the following; “lithium resources are large enough to cover any rationally conceivable demand.”

And you were wondering why we don’t have more EVs in the streets today!  Stay tuned for more.