February 8, 2016

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The question never fails to come up in a conversation: “How many purely electric cars are there on the U.S. market today?”  And the answer is that there are a few, 5 of which can be found right now, while a few more are coming out soon.

The gist is that it’s true, we always write about how great cars are but where do we find them?  Until you have driven one, it’s hard to describe the sensation of incredible power and torque an electric motor gives you.  So where can you find your electric car in the U.S. right now?

Commuter Cars.  We’ve already introduced Commuter Cars with the incredible handling Tango.  The two seater offers great performance for $108,000, and lets you to lane splitting in some states.

Tesla Roadster. Of course, no one can talk about EVs in the U.S. without mentioning the poster child Tesla Roadster.  So what do you get for a little wait and $115,000?  A 0 to 60mph car that is the equivalent of 135mpg and will give those other exotic a run for their money.

AC Propusion eBox. One of our favorite that packs a punch but can be used just as easily in any driving condition is the eBox by AC Propulsion.  What you get here is a converted Scion that will leave all other Scions well behind.

Miles Motors.  Though technically a neighborhood electric vehicle, NEV the Miles Motors vehicles are a great and rather affordable way to go around town for pennies on the miles.  At around $20,000, you can get an EV that will be affordable to operate.

GreenVehiclesGreenVehicles has a line of electric cars you can can check out on the company’s website here.  As far as prices, you will have to see with them but as they are NEVs, they should be in the mid-$10,000.

In conclusion, there are a few other choices, such as the ZENN Motors company, Zap World and GreenVehicles.  Also a few more cars are due for the market by 2010, such as; the Mitsubishi iMiev, BYD e6, Smith electric vehicles for trucks, Lightning Motorcars, the Aptera, to name a few.

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