February 7, 2016

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In the: “Good question, thank you for asking” department, we have heard that question asked over and over again.  I there a best hybrid?  So what is the answer?  It depends on your needs… of course.

The gist is that no one drives the same way, on the same roads, at the same time with the exact same traffic conditions.  Choosing a hybrid, HEV wisely requires part thinking, part planning and part searching.  So what exactly do we mean by that?

Estimates And Statistics.  The very first thing you need to do is to have a thorough and honest look at your needs.  While it’s always tempting to want to buy a Ferrari to go grocery shopping, it is also highly impractical.  Start with something simple such how far do you drive to work on an average daily.  This will be a good starting point.  Add to this an extra 5 to 10 miles for running errands and you might have a better picture of your actual needs, while giving you some leeway.

The Choice.  At this stage, it would be good to know what type of car do you need.  Currently, you have a choice between a Prius, a more conventional sedan, such as a Honda Accord or Ford Fusion Hybrid and the SUV/pickup truck format.  Depending on your needs, each can fill them.  You drive mostly alone, are interested in fuel economy and once in a while use it for weekend family outings, then a Prius or a Honda Accord would do.  You need to haul things around, whether as an interior designer or a gardener, then an SUV or pickup truck makes more sense, albeit with a lesser mileage economy.

So is there really a better hybrid? Not really unless we categorize them into specifics.  What is better between a parallel and a serial hybrid?  Most likely a serial hybrid since you drive with the electric motor and if you plan your speed and miles well, you can end up riding on electricity alone, pennies per miles.  As far as who has the best hybrid, Toyota, Honda or Ford?  It’s hard to say since personal tastes will play a role in the look and feel.  As far as economy is concerned, the Prius still takes the first spot closely followed by the Ford Fusion Hybrid.