February 12, 2016

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The Zero S is here and test drives are starting to come out for this electric motorcycle from Zero Motorcycles.

The gist is that electric motorcycles surprise even the most veteran riders. The instantaneous torque of an electric motor is always surprising after being used to the slower revving internal combustion engine, ICE.

After A Dirt Bike, A Street Bike.  After coming out with a crowd pleasing Zero X dirt bike, Zero Motorcycles realized they were onto something and decided to start working on an electric street bike.  And the word from PopularMechanics is that it is: “the first full-size, highway-legal electric motorcycle to go into mass production. Yet its guilt-free low emissions are almost an afterthought. This thing is fast. “

Technically Speaking.  With the same torque as a Suzuki GSX-R750, this little EV motorcycle is the street version of the initial Zero X.  It is slightly upgraded with a 4 kilowatt-hours battery pack, which rates the 22Kw electric motor at 31 hp with 62.5 lb-ft of torque.  With a low center of gravity and a light weight frame, the bike weighs merely 225 pounds and does 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds.

Light But Tough.  Don’t get fooled equating light with dangerous, that’s so last century.  According to Neal Saiki, the founder of Zero Motorcycles and designer of the S: “Supermotos and dirt bikes just get crashed a lot. One of the things our customers have been surprised about is how hard you can crash our motorcycles and just pick them up and ride off,”

In fact the Zero S is so potent that inexperience electric riders will find themselves doing wheelies if they go full throttle from a standstill.  With an electric motorcycle as this one, you best gently roll the throttle up to 20 mph before asking for a full does of what it can do.

At less than $10,000, you’ll be able to keep up with the big boys without polluting under 60 mph.  The Zero S is what the Tesla Roadster is to electric cars.  We’ll try to get our hands on it soon.

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