The March Of The Electric Car

This weekend record turnout of electric vehicles, EV and hybrids, HEV at the Long Beach Grand Prix meant two things.  First and foremost, startups are leading the way when it comes to EV and that finally, EVs and HEVs are showing up at Grand Prix.  Surely, times have changed.

  • Plug In Standards.  The inevitable needs to happen, standardize the electric plug for EVs and plug-in hybrids, PHEVs.  And this time GM is stepping up to the plate, according to AutoBlogGreen.
  • EV-0 RR At The TTXGP.  More news on the screaming performance EV-0 RR from Evo Design in partnerships with Xenophya.  The motorcycle sports a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque chassis, forkless single-sided front suspension with twin electric motors from Green Motorsport.  No words yet for the performance specs the price should be no more than $30,000, according to Luxist.
  • Subaru Electric Stella.  So what is new with Subaru’s electric Stella?  According to the company’s press release is ready to begin testing prototype versions of the EV.  Power jumped from from 40kW to 47kW and the interior has been redesigned.
  • Fiat 500 Becomes Electric.  Great news for EV lovers, the Fiat 500 is being converted to electricity, according to AutoBlogGreen.  The Swedish company AutoAdapt is producing the first electric Fiat 500 with Alelion Batteries.  According to Fiat, this is the beginning of a series production of several other electric models, with 100 e500 this year and 300 the following.  Fiat is giving the car sans powertrain and Autoadapt is offering 60-, 90- or 120-mile ranges options.
  • Toyota’s FT-EV Video.  Straight from Danny’sContentement is this video of the unveiling of the Toyota FT-EV.

Stay tuned for more.

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