February 10, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

They’re electric, they’re sleek, they’re fast and mostly, they don’t exhaust anything at all.  Not even vapor.  Electric cars have been coming for some time.

  • Will Jaguar Raining On The Volt’s Parade? Apparently, Jaguar wants to show the Volt and Karma that it’s not the only game in town, according to Fisker’sAutoBlogGreen.  The old car company wants to develop a plug-in hybrid, PHEV of it s all-new XJ and tickle the extended range electric vehicle, ER-EV Volt.  What do we say?  The more, the merrier.
  • Battery Subsidized Manufacturing News.  Maybe this is what we should have called this post, but there seems to be major funds to get the U.S. to manufacture batteries.  G&E is promising battery maker A123Systems $69 million of investments, according to The OaklandPressA123Systems again announced $100 million in refundable tax credits from the state of Michigan, according to DigitalMediaNet. The National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Batteries, NAATBatt chose Kentucky investing more than US$600 million to develop a lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery cells manufacturing facility, according to CanadianDriver.  Johnson Controls plans to build a lithium ion battery plant in Michigan by investing close to $200 million, according to PBSAnd lastly, Michigan wants to get in on lost grounds with the lithium ion batteries for electric and hybrid cars budding industry with $300 million in tax credits, according to DetNews.
  • 3,300 Reserved Bollore.  Remember the Bollore stories we did?  Well the company has now 3,300 takers, according to AutoBlogGreen.
  • Another FEV.   This time FEV wants to convert a Dodge Caliber to a plug-in hybrid, PHEV, according to GreenCarCongress.  Why not?

Stay tuned for more as we prepare for the Long Beach Grand Prix and some green car present there.

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