February 11, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

They’re unique, will surprise you and not as harmful as their internal combustion engine, ICE counterparts.  So why are people still all out for electric vehicles, EV while others against?

  • Green Bank, Taking Roots.  In the department of Someone Had To Think About It comes the one about a green bank to create a government-backed “green bank” to fund renewable energy projects, according to Chron.  A plan, outlined in federal legislation would make a bank independent, wholly owned corporation of the federal government focused solely on loaning money to a range of projects deemed to promote clean energy.
  • Printing Technology Supercapacitor.  More breakthroughs with battery technology, with a team led by George Grüner at the University of California, Los Angeles, has printed a supercapacitor for the first time, according to NewsScientists.
  • Connecticut Develops Its Electric Charging Infrastructure.  Connecticut is working to develop its plug-in electric vehicles, PHEVs and EV recharging infrastructure, making it yet another state to jump in the fray, according to SustainableBusiness.
  • Pros And Cons Of EVs.  Well, mostly pros with this article from AutoSpeed.  This is an interview with Dr Andrew Simpson.

And to answer that very first question we asked, we still believe some people cling on to dear life to whatever concepts and ideas they have of what a car should be.  Losing it would almost be like like losing their identity.  Silly, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for more EV thrills.

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