February 12, 2016

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No the PUMA doesn’t ROAR.  It whizzes.  It’s hard to fathom what will, and will not catch the attention of the public and make the headline news.  Apparently the GM-Segway partnership in the form of its personal transportation, dubbed the Puma, has caught a lot of buzz.  Get it?  Whiz…   buzz…

The gist is that for as many wild project we see, it’s still hard to guess which ones will take and which ones will be left inside a drawer…  or a folder.  When we posted about the not so unlikely alliance between GM and Segway yesterday, we couldn’t believe how many headline news have talked about the vehicle so far.  So what else is new here?

A Puma Running Wild In NYC.  Yup having fun with this Puma theme, but according to NewLedger, Segway did a beta-test of its electric vehicle, EV in New York.  Even though GM probably doesn’t high expectations for it, it’s still a nifty little EV that could find a strong customer base.  GM is used to mass production vehicles that rely on well timed maintenance and after sales service, so imagine the challenges of a $6,000 EV?  Sounds familiar?   However, we think retired folks in Florida and hip city commuters will like it.

Carrie Melago, of NYDailyNews got to take a ride in it.  Her reaction?  35 mph, turns on a dime and the final version will look much sleeker.  We can’t wait to see more.  The real questions is would it work for you?  What would make you go for it?

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