February 6, 2016

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It looks like a cartoon version of a car screeching to a halt.  But more seriously, in the never ending search of what the perfect electric vehicle, EV is, where does the Reva-i stand?

The gist is that the Indian made, EV Reva-i has a few tricks up its sleeves and could very well inspire a few local car makers to take a cue.

Reva What? The Maini Group, of Bangalore is the maker of the Reva-i, it took $20 million from 3 venture capital firms; Menlo Park’s Draper, Fisher Jurveston, and motor-control devices to produce the EV, according to the SFGate.  Revas have sold more EVs than any other company with 3,000 to 20 cities in Europe, Asia and Latin America, while holding 10 U.S. patents for the car’s energy-management system, since 2001.

Technically speaking, it costs $6,000 in India, seats four, and would cost a little over $20,000 if imported in the U.S..

Where Can I Find It? If you are in Europe, it won’t be too difficult and will be the perfect second car for grocery shopping and city hopping.  But the car hasn’t been approved in the U.S. yet.  1,000 Revas have been sold in the UK, Norway has no import duties, and it can be driven in bus lanes, while France gives back $3,800 on its purchase but nothing in the U.S.  And with the government heavily pushing for a battery manufacturing alliance at great costs, it doesn’t seem like the Reva will see U.S. roads any time soon.

It’s too bad the U.S. won’t allow these kind of cars in as we are sure, many drivers would consider them which could only help the economy.  In the meantime, we will continue to throw billions of dollars so that hopefully tomorrow we can be proud enough to say: Made In The USA.

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