February 11, 2016

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Welcome to yet another electric motorcycle superbike that will be raced soon.

The gist is that so far, we have seen some impressive electric motorcycles that are either ready for the public, such as the ZeroMotorcycles or being tweaked as prototypes or in pure concept stage.  We’ve even seen electric motorcycle dragsters.  All are astounding and deliver a lot of adrenaline thrills for little pollution to none for operation.

Welcome EV-0 RR.  This is another addition to the electric motorcycle club.  The EV motorcycle uses renewable and sustainable materials for the construction of its chassis and bodywork according to its designers, Xenophya, via Wheels24Technically speaking, the EV will use a carbon fibre mono-frame with 2 electric engines located at the bottom for a very low center of gravity.

The Power.  And power it will have, since it was rated equal to the power output, weight and speed as a 600cc superbike.

The bike will compete at the inaugural TTXGP zero carbon fuel Grand Prix on 12 June.

In conclusion, as we have said before, racing EVs is the best way to show poeple that this vehicles mean business and will challenge gas engines.  If you think about it, an electric motor has full torque as soon as it spins and it’s power curb is much more linear and sustained than with a traditional gas engine.

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