February 7, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

EDF has an interesting plan to install recharging electric station for electric vehicle, EV throughout a pilot region in Strassbourg.  What’s so special about it?The gist is that the EDF/Toyota project is trying to broaden consumers’ understanding and acceptance of electric vehicles, EV and how to drive them, while testing for the broad commercialization of future EVs, according to FleetDirectory.   The EDF-Toyota partnership of PHEVs in Europe started in France late 2007 and was expanded to the UK last year.

The project is backed by the Research Fund managed by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, ADEME, and teams up with Toyota to deploy itself in Japan and the US from the end of 2009.

Technically Speaking, the system will create and build charging stations that ensure safe charging, communicating between the utility and the vehicle by identifying it and invoicing the energy to the owner’s account.  The recharging stations will be in public parking lots and public roads.  The key feature of this project is that the recharged can be done using a standard electrical plug.

It seems pretty much everyone is basing their strategies on the same system, that of V2G, we’ve mentioned before.   It’s good to see so many projects worldwide working on setting the infrastructure for electric cars.

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