Converting A Miata To Electricity

As we mentioned before, the Mazda Miata is a natural if and when the company decides to turn it into an electric vehicle, EV.  However, some people didn’t want to wait and decided to take it upon themselves to convert it.

The gist small, light and convertible cars make for great electric propulsion platforms.  Converting some of these cars makes sense.  The Mazda Miata is probably one of the best platform to transform. It is light, handles very well, and well, it’s just so darn cute!

From Dream To Reality.  We met up with Mary Lou Long and asked her the reasoning behind the project.

“There wasn’t anything much was available 20 years ago.  I saw  “Who Killed the Electric Car” and wanted one. I joined the local chapter in San Diego  of the Electric Vehicle Association of America and settled on the Mazda Miata.  They are lightweight, fun to drive and plenty of them are available.

“Bob  Van Gorder did the conversion by installing a 9″ DC motor, controller, charger, etc,.

“There are more options today for EVs, and I settled for the most range and speed, according to my budget.

“I drive about 25 miles a day and a full charge on 110 takes 6 hours.  I drive surface streets because I can synchronized and calculate my accelerations at traffic lights.

“As far as the future, a lithium ion battery upgrade would be nice if and when prices come down.  Less weight compared to lead batteries would give me more speed and power.  In the meantime I am enjoying my investment in this 100 years old proven technology and I love my red electric Miata “Electra Cutie”.”