The Never Resting World Of Electric Cars

It’s fascinating to see how the world of electric drive is not resting despite the financial turmoil.  though, we fear the media is not making it any better with doom-like titles, something to be positive about is the fact that electric vehicles, EV are marching forward.

  1. Energy Independent Homes, Closer To Reality.  The other push for a more energy efficient society is to make homes energy independent, and this is becoming more and more a reality, according to The Standard.  Ultra-efficient solar panels and a windmills on the home’s roof and voila…
  2. Magna Mila Now In EV Flavor.  According to Chanel4, the Mgna Mila is switching to electricity for its compact four-door, by using a 67bhp engine and with a 93-mile range.
  3. The New Volt Kink.  We’ve pondering writing about the report saying the Volt is not cost effective, mentioned at USA Today, because quite frankly we hear too much about GM, the Volt cannot be easily calculated since it will depend on how, where and when you drive it, etc.  So is the Volt cost effective?  Probably not.  Are you paying for tomorrow’s “today” technology, most likely.
  4. Prius = 50MPG.  It’s official this time from the New York Times.  And the company is turning to its government for 200bn-yen, or $2bn loan, according to the BBC.
  5. GT Legend Automotive Jumps In The Fray.  GT Legend is working on its performance “Electric Driveshaft” hybrid conversion, which could help consumer gain an additional 150 HP and over 400 ft lbs of torque, potentially over 100 MPG as a commuter driving up to 60 miles per day and 45 MPG on the highway per 250 mile trip when in economy mode, all while decreasing their green house gas footprint by 90%, according to CNN.

My, never a dull moment.  Stay tuned for more.

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