February 13, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Sounds a little far fetched and overly optimistic but somehow a country with its farm of clean, renewable alternative energy and a technology company are making headway into healthy future.

The gist is that we are heading towards a cleaner society that uses natural, clean and renewable alternative energy.  It is not a case of if it will happen, but how soon.  Not only will it lower our pollution, increase the health of citizens, but lower energy cost and bring more freedom to public and personal transportation.

IBM & Denmark’s Wind Farm Energy.  We briefly covered the story here, but it felt it deserved a closer look and hopefully learn what the lessons are for the rest of the world.  According to CNET, IBM is working with Denmark to maximize their wind turbine energy for plug-in electric vehicles, PHEVs and electric vehicles, EV.  This clearly shows the important role technology companies play in the automotive industry and the growing interest with policy-makers in smart-grid technologies.

The Project.  In the long run, the idea is to increase the percentage of plug-in electric cars to 10% in the country while maximizing the use of wind energy.  Denmark has a strategic advantage, 20% of its electricity comes from renewable sources like wind.  Making grids smart means that different technologies can work together to get utilities to transmit energy more efficiently.  Since single alternative energy technology has peaks and down time, think solar during the day but nothing at night, wind also has that inconvenience when there is no air flow, combining different clean energy source with a smart grid allows for the infrastructure to support PHEVs and EVs.

When can we expect this to be a worldwide phenomenon? It will happen but will take time.  Countries such as Denmark and Iceland that already have a head start with clean alternative energy will be a test bed for countries looking into a reliable and close to non-polluting energy system.

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