February 6, 2016

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The role concept cars and prototypes play are very important, especially in this depreciated market where mainstream car companies are struggling to redefine who they are and how they operate.

The gist is prototypes is the stuff dreams are made of, and more often than not they find their way into production.  While the final car doesn’t always look the way it was presented, think here the original Volt and the final product, key aspects trickle all the way down into production.

The Appeal Of Prototypes In The Electric Drive World.  More than ever, prototypes using electric engines shows the way forward.  Companies that show some of the most extravagant prototypes often are small, are freer to innovate due to less stress on mass manufacturing, are not as prone to conform the widest consumer appeal factor and can deploy talents more in aerodynamics and style, then marketing.  They can innovate and get to the root of the automobile, an exciting transportation vehicle.

iChange & ItaldesignRinspeed and Italdesign are perfect examples of that.  The iChange is a great idea as a modular electric car with great performance.

How? In seconds the aerodynamic single seater transforms into a 3 seat car, leaving the driver in a teardrop-shaped cockpit that offers optimal aerodynamic properties and minimized energy consumption.

Italdesign is also innovating with their previously mentioned hybrid, HEV that plainly wants to be the world’s fastest HEV.

Technically Speaking.  All of this is nice but what’s under the hoods?  The car should reach 186 mph, 300 kph and do 0 to 62 mph under 4sec, all of this 117 mpg, according to Italdesign.  The rumors are that Giugiaro will announce details at the Geneva show, with an eventual Wankel rotary gas engine, according to AutoWeek.

So why are prototypes so darn irresistible? Because they push the realm of dreams a little closer to home.  They nudge the sleeping giant car makers into moving and innovating, instead of reaching the ever illusive widest margin of consumer approval.  There is a dire need to fun, performance and a little dream these days.

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