Can Electric Cars Replace Gas Soon?

Good question, than you for asking.  Can electric vehicles, EV replace gasoline technology soon and how quickly?

The gist besides the overwhelming fact that the entire automobile industry is moving towards the electric drive, the real question is how soon can consumer buy these new vehicles and at what price.  For decades car makers neglected the call to curb down fuel consumption and actively petitioned against any move to bridle their gluttonous appetite for polluting gasoline.   Now the damage is done, with their backs against it, everyone is struggling to mature a technology that would normally have taken a decade, in a few years.

Tackling The Issues.  As we mentioned before, introducing EVs on our streets is a 3 prong problem that needs to be addressed concurrently.  For one thing, you have the obvious battery technology that needs to improve in efficiency, as well as making sure there is a mass supply available, while keeping the cost of vehicles affordable and making a profit at the same time.  All of this won’t come without a well thought out business model that centers around profitable EVs that require little maintenance.

Next, The Electric Supply.  The need for a coherent and robust smart grid is crucial if we are to drive using electricity.  Updating the grid is one part, making sure EVs can act as rolling sub-stations could alleviate peak periods.  V2G technology will play a big role by getting cars to push electricity into the grid.

Finally, The Technology.  Lastly, battery technology needs to greatly improve.  Most likely, hybrid batteries will play an essential role as they are both efficient and offer the best performance versus life span than single battery system do.

So then how soon can the electric drive replace the clunky and inefficient gas engine?  Depending on your definition of what an electric car is, GM’s E-REV or an EV, it could be a few years away to ten years.  It all depends on how quickly the economic situation resolves itself and how quickly consumer will embrace the obvious benefits of the electric drive.  At this rate, it seems a good proportion of cars in the western world would be electric in a decade.

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