February 14, 2016

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As Dylon’s alarm rang, he realized he was already late.  15 minutes to cover 150 miles.  He smiles.  No problem thanks to the new mag-lev superhighway maze spreading across the continents.

Dylon rushes in his hybrid electric vehicle, HEV and throttles onto the main street, he moves into position in the on-ramp, he extends the mag-lev pickups and guides, waits for his turn and zooosh, he is gone at over 500 mph.

He had waited a long time for his hybrid, half electric propulsion, half magnetic levitation.  It was the revolution that changed the face of telecommute.  The EV was fully modular, usable as a 2 seater, 4 and could be stretched to accommodate 10 travelers.  It was the perfect weekend vehicle for 2 or the transportation platform for his team of researchers.  His team had a choice to stay home while simultaneously interfacing with each other.  An array of capacitors recharged from their solar and wind farm for every modern homes.  At night, geo-thermal pipes kept homes warm while in the heat of the day, cooled them off.

He worked at the Sub-Atomic Agency where he was an active researcher in the Zero Point Technology department.  The team was making headway tapping the never ending Universe apparent empty vacuum energy dense.  The results were very promising.  They had moved away from gas propulsion 30 years ago, entirely.  Sure there were still some gas cars and most of them were “collector’s items”.  They were taken out on special streets and race tracks on weekends.  They were all running bio-refuse fuel, safe and cheap.  Old timers could still indulge in fumes, vibrations and sounds.  It made the kids laugh.

As the proximity alarm rung, Dylon woke up from his daze.  150 miles in 5 minutes.  He was ready to exit the super highway.  The wheels came down the fully charge capacitors would get him to the lab.  The car whizzes in and out of traffic in its normal way, silently.  He parks in his spot.  He has a choice to park himself or let the EV do it.

All of this in 50 to 70 years…  And after that, the next frontier…

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