February 14, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

What a struggle it is for mainstream car makers to stop business as usual and shift away to being solely technology companies.  Maybe out post yesterday is closer to reality than we thought.

  1. GM Turns To Students For Answers.  According to Renewable Energy World, GM is providing vehicles for 17 student teams competing in EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge that works towards tomorrow’s technology.
  2. Honda’s CRZ Hybrid Coupe.  So far it looks as if Honda will produce its sleek CRZ coupe in an hybrid, HEV format by 2011, according to MotorTrend.
  3. The Efficient Electrical End-use Equipment Programme.  It’s good to see groups working on pushing the technology of things as common as electric engines, according to Drive & Controls.  Why?  The will propel our cars eventually.
  4. Detroit, Not Out Of The Woods.  After putting their mansions to their wifes’ name, it looks as if Chrysler and GM could be forced into bankruptcy after all, according to Bloomberg.  So the question remains, what happens to all that taxpayer’s money?
  5. Lutz Exits Stage Left… Goodbye GM’s Lutz at the end of the year, according to MarketWatch.  Good thing or bad thing?  Here’s an MLive retrospective.
  6. Small Companies Active And Alive.  With the bad news surrounding big corporations, it’s good to hear about UQM Technologies Inc., showcasing its technology on a ride in a battery-powered electric bus around California cities, according to Northern Colorado Report.
  7. Reva Embraces Lithium.  Reva is said to launch of a new car with lithium batteries, according to MeriNews.
  8. Raser Technoologies Tackles SUVs.   Raser is testing a four-wheel drive electric drive powertrain which uses a 200kW AC electric engine as well as a gas engine coupled to a 100kW permanent magnet generator, according to TheGreenCarWebsite.
  9. Ford’s Electric Van.  It seems Ford is serious about making available its electric delivery van, according to DailyTech.
  10. Unfair Fight! Come on, that’s not fair.  Stop pitting poor yesterday’s gas technology to new modern cars.  What are we talking about?  Pitting a Tesla Roadster to a Porsche Carrera C4.  It’s just not fair to the antiquated gasoline engine, period.  “As I nick down Vine, a Porsche Carrera C4 takes up a flanking position to my left and raps his engine — a thick, ornery staccato rises, a murder of gas-powered crows. I, of course, have no engine to rap. The electric buzz the Tesla produces at low speed sounds like a toaster with a bagel lodged in it. I shrug sheepishly in the direction of the Porsche driver, sequestered behind tinted glass.

    I turn west on Sunset and he follows me. He puts the Porsche door-to-door with the Tesla and guns the flat-six again. Oh, I get it. He wants to race to the next light. That’s too bad for him.

    What transpires in the next 2 seconds is the heart and soul, the essence and spirit, of the Roadster. This is the trick this one-trick pony does better than perhaps any sports car on Earth. We in the business call it “rolling acceleration.”  Goodbye Porsche…  According to NewsDay.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more…

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