February 10, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Alternatives to gas-hybrids, pick up interest as more and more innovation open a wide array of future possibilities for hybrids, HEV and electric vehicles, EV.

  1. Pneumatic Hybrid, Powerful Alternative.  According to ScienceDaily, the pneumatic hybrid technology has been around for some time and has had time to mature.  It could be a great alternative to gas hybrid, if no one stands in its way.
  2. Hybrid SUV With Tow Capacity.  It might seem an oxymoron but some people need an SUV or pickup that has to have tow capacity.  And why not?  According to Canada, the Aspen Hybrid fits the bill.
  3. Lightweight Hybrid.  To make fuel efficient cars and electric vehicles, EV the real enemy is weight.  Stories as Fisher getting finds to develop a light weight hybrid, HEV bus is good news, according to Earth2Tec.
  4. Mariner Hybrid, The Upscale Escape.  You want an SUV but you want it to be upscale and still be more environmentally friendlier than the base one, the Mariner fits that bill, according to the NewsHerald, while the Ford version gets beefed up, according to the BostonHerald.
  5. Zero Point Energy, The Holy Grail Of Energy.  Can you imagine tapping into space or even the earth to tap into endless energy?  This energy could power anything, from your home to your vehicle to, why not even fly to the moon.  According to RenewableEnergyWorld, the vacuum of space has more energy density than nuclear fission.  Maybe the Celestine Prophecies were on to something.

So many alternative to propelling vehicles forward.  We really don’t see any technologies competing since all offer solutions to specific market segment.  The only competition is the same old story again, companies trying to gather the biggest part of the share.

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