Wanting To Be Green And Feeling Guilty

It’s hard now days to be a car fanatic without feeling a little bit of guilt driving a dinosaure dung burning, environmentally unfriendly gas car.  Does that sum it up well?

  1. To Be Green, Or Not To Be Green. Is it still the question, anymore?  That’s the question Chron asks as the Houston car show is going and potential buyers feel torn between the desire for kicks and green.
  2. Want Your EV? Don’t want to wait for a mainstream one?  Build your own.  This website has step by step how tos and FAQs.  Very informative.  Instructables.
  3. The Future Of Automobiles, As Per GM.  Even though GM gets a lot of jokes and raised eyebrows, this conversation with Frank Weber, chief engineer at GM for its Volt, talks about the importance of introducing electric drive into manufacturing, according to the Telegraph.
  4. Volt Season 2 Pricing.  Speaking of the Volt, according to AllCarsElectric the second generation should be around $20,000.  Would love to hear more about how to achieve this if the price of lithium alone, is close to that.
  5. The SSC Frenzy.  Will there be no end to the smorgasbord frenzy the SSC wild claims are rippling through the Internet?  The same Telegraph rehashes the same PR speech from the company.  One question still remains, how can you recharge this type of car over a simple outlet in 10mn?  They need to answer this question soon before their credibility completely evaporates.
  6. Tesla Gets Funds, Continues The S Model, Stops The Silicon Valley Plant.  Not much new here but since Tesla won some funds from the U.S. government to produce its S Model, it also realizes it won’t make it on a “brownfield”, according to AFP.
  7. Hybrid Batteries Defining A Market.  More and more attention turns to hybrid batteries and especially the use of good-old lead acid ones, according to Earth2Tech.

Late start this morning but more to come.

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