February 7, 2016

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Hum, Apple as a maker of electric vehicles, EV.  How serious could it be?

The gist is that Apple has surprised many people over the years by stepping out of the box and coming out with incredible designs.  The iPod revolutionized the music industry, along it iTunes brethren.  Certainly, the iPhone came as a surprise to many, and a shock to the portable phone industry.  So how serious would it be for a technology company to make an EV?

Silicon Valey Recognizes The New Car Trend.  Many would have laughed a few years ago is a Silicon Valley technology company would have wanted to get into the car industry.  Yet, Tesla Motors did just that.  In fact, EVs are so radically different from mainstream cars that a technology company stands as much chance designing a good one than a traditional car company.  That is until the manufacturing part.

Apple, As An EV Maker.  So considering Apple, the computer maker made an electronic version of a Walkman and shook the music industry, then made the Apple TV to interface with TV, and finally an iPhone, why not an EV?  We are sure that thought has floated around the Apple headquarters at least once, but creating revolutionary devices and creating electric cars are two different things.  Still, Apple could work with a company that produces cars.

In all honesty, it would be far fetched but the thought of a car with stellar designs that wouldn’t crash, somehow appeals to us.  And if it inspires you to read that 24% of people on a Jalopnik survey said they would buy it, why not dream a little dream?

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