February 9, 2016

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The Detroit NAIAS was a step in a different direction we were not accustomed to.  Hybrids, HEV, electric vehicles, EV, plug-in hybrids, PHEV, extended range electric vehicle, E-REV were monikers not associated with the show.The gist, the brilliance of the Detroit show however was to let journalists and all drive EVs and HEVs.  There is no substitute for what an electric engine does.  Once you step out, you realize how bad you have it with a gas engine.  What the first show of the year did was to promote alternative electric drive, a far cry from what we were used to from Detroit.

Cobo, Let’s You Experience Electricity.  And this was the genius of this show.  Call it what you want, the Detroit trio wanting to put forth a “greener” face, the organizers wanting to show the world that Detroit is home of innovations or just simply “thanks for the loans”, but the Cobo hall offered people a chance to drive an alternative propulsion mode.  And people loved it.  According to Freep, the EcoXperience lets people ride the latest HEVs and EVs to understand what cannot be explained with words, what does it feel driving a car with an electric engine.

Who would have thought, Detroit as a HEV and EV presenter?  Times are a a changin’

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