Who Drives Electric Car Technology?

Who drives the electric vehicle, EV and plug-in hybrid, PHEV revolution?  Good question, read on…

  1. Consumers Energy Tapping Into Renewable Alternative Energy.  Proof that you can be almost energy self-sustaining, Consumers Energy taps into alternative energy resources and upgrades its Prius to PHEV, according to DesMoinesRegister.
  2. First Solar Shines Again.  According to Seeking Alpha, First Solar is looking good again.
  3. Market Gas Prices Controlled, Good For EVs.  There is something ironic about gas price going up at the pump, while it trades lower on the stock market, according to Seeking Alpha.  Blame who you want, but gas price manipulation will only help further the advance of EVs.
  4. New EV Carr On The Horizon.  Here is a new project we should welcome, the FUSE Transport Design Studio is working on an EV for the 2010 Olympics called the Carr Project, according to the Canadian MetroNews.
  5. BYD’s 250 Miles battery Claim Cleared.  Many raised an eyebrow when BYD enthusiastically claimed 250 miles on a single charge for an EV sedan.  The answer? Low-cost ferrous-iron that will be heavier, according to RegHardware.
  6. Find The Prius “Yawn Yawn” Design Wise? Pimp it, of course.  According to USAToday, auto-customizing legend George Barris, creators of TV’s original Batmobile, the Monkeemobile and, the first Knight Rider series KITT car, plans to tackle the Prius.
  7. GM Putting To Good Use Loan Money. Or are they?  According to Reuters, GM will spend $30 million on a battery assembly plant factory in Michigan.
  8. iMiEV In Limited Production Out Soon. Good news from Mitsubishi that has announced a limited 200 iMiEVs but for England only so far, according to the Guardian.  This makes it the first mainstream car maker to produce a pure EV today.
  9. Fisker Rated Best 2009 U.S. Electric Car? But it’s a hybrid…  According to Sys-Con, the Fisker Karma was rated best 2009 U.S. electric car, and we think journalists are getting their terms mixed up here.  The Karma is a hybrid, the Tesla Roadster is an electric car.  Maybe we need to redefine everything.

That’s it for now but stay tuned for more.

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