February 12, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

The electric vehicle, EV this year is getting a serious boost for automakers everywhere, and we suspect because of the inroad, smaller startups have made.

  1. Better Place, The Juggernaut.  After tackling Israel, the Bay Area in the U.S. and Hawaii, Denmark and Australia, Better Place is now looking to conquer Canada, according to MercuryNews.
  2. Electric Vehicles, Cheaper And Better (Place).  Since we mentioned Better Place, Shai Agassi, the founder believes electric vehicles, EV are cheaper and better than current hybrids, according to NewsWeek.
  3. Plug-In Hybrid, The Logical Next Step.  An obvious one but nice to hear that DesignNews also believes in the next logical step, from hybrids, HEV to plug-in hybrids, PHEV.
  4. Offical, PHEV Help Curb Smog! Here is something else you can say to naysayers, PHEV help reduce smog, according to Popular Mechanics.
  5. More On Marussia.  Who’s Marussia?  the new super car EV from Russia, this time with numbers; 250 miles and $100,000, but maybe the research and advancement of batteries could come from Russia’s cold environment, according to AllCarsElectric.
  6. Smart Grid Gets Real.  Newark, N.J. is the first place to approve the use of a PHEV to store and provide power for the local electric grid, according to the NewarkPost.
  7. Who’s Killing The Plug-In Hybrid.  For all of you conspiracy lovers, this book; East Bay Express story talks about who decided hydrogen highway were the future and are trying to kill the PHEV industry, according to Grist.
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