February 14, 2016

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So far, the Detroit auto show has been serious for Detroit car companies showing more concrete work on hybrids, HEV and electric vehicles, EV.  What about Ford, specifically?

The gist, if the Detroit auto show is any sign, than the rest of the year will be intensive for EV and different forms of hybrids.  According to Reuters, automakers are rushing to paint a cleaner face to be the first to market all-electric cars.  But some smaller ones have already been offering them.  What will differentiate them for Ford?

Ford, The Small Car Maker.  Ford Europe has an advantage over its rivals, it makes efficient sedans that are powerful and handle well and, in the case of the Focus, imports them in the U.S..  How far of a stretch is it to electrify them?  Ford officials believe electric car sales would be urban with sales of 5,000 to 10,000 units, to start with.

The Need For Partnership.  A gas car company can’t stop everything to become a technology one.  It needs to attract electric car engineers but not too many would jump on financially strapped car makers.  According to Google, Ford is turning to Magma International to produce an EV that will get up 80 miles on a single charge.  And also, it is partnering with Johnson Controls-Saft for lithium ion batteries to a demonstration fleet of Ford Escape plug-in hybrid, PHEV, according to PaddockTalk.

The real question is when will it happen?  2011 is the date of the initial release of Ford’s EV, according to AP.  This is all good news for electric car lovers.  Seeing Detroit serious about it shows that maybe, just maybe this time, they will do work to make it happen.

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