North American International Auto Show Surpises

The North American international Auto Show was supposed to be low key, but it impressed with many surprises.

  1. Dodge EV Becomes Dodge Circuit.  Remember the excitement about the Dodge EV, way back then?  It was a surprise.  what was once the Lotus re-badged Dodge has now a new face, Will the
    A123 battery pack and 200 kW make it into production?  Source, AutoBlogGreen.
  2. Tesla Roadster Gets Even Better.  Introducing the S version of the already high performance Roadster, with new Yokohama Ultra High Performance and a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds according to AutoBlogGreen.  Oh yeah, and a tad more expensive at $128,500.
  3. Chrysler’s Own ER-EV/PHEV.  The title of extended range electric vehicle, ER-EV / plug-in hybrid, PHEV is not just for GM with Chrysler dropping this bomb on everyone, a rechargeable 200C, according to EcoGeek.  With 40 miles on battery alone, 400 miles on a fully charge sets of batteries, will this sedan make it into production?  Nissan anyone?  The bets are on.
  4. Prototype From Johnson Control.  The re3 concept is a PHEV that can run 20 miles on battery alone from the company, according to GreenCarCongress.  We can expect to see the platform in a mainstream car manufacturer.
  5. Smart ForTwo In The U.S.. At last, it is here, well almost, according to GreenCarCongress.  Watch for the Daimler/Mercedes group to surprise us this year.
  6. Another BYD Record.  After BYD beat every manufacturer to the block with the first mass produced PHEV, here comes the e6, a Crossover PHEV, according to ElectricCarBlogging.  Impressive BYD, Build Your Dream.  See also, GreenCarCongress.
  7. What About Ford? Ford has a video claiming a full electric vehicle, EV by 2012, according to AutoBlogGreen.
  8. Karma Dropped The Top! And. of course, Karma goes topless…  And yes, the nose grill has be redesigned.  BMW inspiration anyone?

There you go for this snapshot.  We’ll take a closer look at the implication of this show on the global production of hybrids, HEV, PHEV and EVs later.

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