February 9, 2016

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When we think of GM, we think of SUVs and pickup trucks, powered by big V8.  Can the company successfully turn around as a technology one?

The gist, it isn’t easy to change business model when your investments are used to make gas engine and you rely on car maintenance.  How feasible is it for such a behemoth to turn become a technology company?

From Gas To Electricity.  Introducing the Volt.

Revolution Or Evolution? Certainly, the Volt has received more press coverage than any other car last year.  Yet, it is only a prototype with great expectations.  Ultimately, what the Volt boils down to is that it is an evolution of the hybrid drive.  If it all started with Ferdinand Porsche creating the first true hybrid in 1889, it wasn’t until Toyota challenged it engineers to lower gas consumption and the mild-mannered hybrid, HEV was born.  Then people wanted more. They wanted to save even more on gas and loosen the dependency on oil by recharging the batteries, and why not drive on electricity alone.  Plug-in hybrid, PHEV was born, which let users recharge through electric socket and avoided using the gas engine.  In this aspect, the Volt is an evolution of the hybrid car.

So, can GM successfully turn around as a technology company?  Probably.  With news that it will assemble the batteries, via EcoGeek, we can see that they are serious about their future.  However, it will take time and yes, it will mean building more fuel efficient gas cars to finance all this.  The other news that they are building America’s largest automotive battery lab to test any one’s battery technology, certainly puts the company on the right road.

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