February 8, 2016

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The question still remains for the Toyota Prius, when will it allow its drivers to plug-in, PHEV and  recharge the batteries?The gist is, can we ever get enough news from the Prius?  Maybe not.  But one question still lingers on consumer’s minds, when can they buy a factory PHEV version?  Toyota has talked about it for some time, people have been converting them to PHEVs, there are even Toyota dealerships that will do the conversion with other companies’ kits.  Somehow, the factory version hasn’t hit the streets yet.

What The Future Holds.  The North American International Auto Show has revealed quite a few surprises this year.  More to follow on this tomorrow morning with a special on the show.  So far, suffice it to say that Toyota is confirming a PHEV version of the Prius late 2009.  Cars & Driver broke the story a few days ago, and it has been confirmed now by AutoBlogGreen and Gas2.

The Good News, Improved Fuel Efficiency.  The news everyone has been waiting for is a better mileage for the 2009 normal Prius, which is bumped up to 50mpg.  The bigger engine actually improves efficiency since it doesn’t run as fast on the highway.  Finally the Eco drive is introduced in the U.S. version, which lets you drive in electric mode only, previously only available outside the U.S..

The tweaks are structural also, besides the redesigned nose.

Finally, a plug-in version of a Prius.  Wonder how this will affect the after market conversion of regular Priuses.

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