February 7, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

It seems no one can get enough of hybrids, HEV this and that.

  1. Hybrid Tug Boats! We shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that there are HEV tug boats, after all, trains and boats have commercially adopted the technology a while back.  According to Seattle Times, the city is getting their own also.
  2. Detroit Goes Job Hybrid.  How do you pick up a slow gas engine industry economy?  Go hybrid Detroit, according to Dallas News.  See the LaTimes for a more in depth article on Obama’s alternative energy plan and why it might work.
  3. Who’s Getting The 100th Tesla Roadster? Sam Perry is, according to AutoBlog!  Oprah, can we get 101?  Please…
  4. Uncertain Times Of The Detroit Auto Show.  What a year the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit will be.  No Ferrari, Range Rover, Jaguar, Suzuki, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Rolls-Royce, yet the highlight will be Hybrids, HEV galore, according to the Orlando Sentinel.  Here is more on CrainesDetroit.
  5. How Do You Push Wide Adoption Of HEV and EVs? Ease parking restriction and fees, according to USAToday.

Hybrid gaga indeed…

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