February 11, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

There hasn’t been a better time to go alternative, no puns intended.  Owning an electric vehicle, EV and powering it with clean renewable energy is no longer a hippy flashback dream.

The gist, with incentives in almost every countries to buy solar panels, wind turbines and tax rebate on electric vehicle, one could feasibly live of the sun, wind and other means of local energy sources.

The Dream Home. The modern alternative man’s home is solar panel laden and have wind turbines to provide for if not all their electricity’s need, most of it.

Solar Panels? Last year’s oil scare has spurred available alternative energy systems and according to Renewable Energy World, they don’t all have to be on roof tops, hence the Residential Customer Sited Photovoltaic, CSPV that can even laid down on the ground while making financial sense.  The Washington Park Profiler agrees, also.

Wind Turbines Now.  Add to the solar array some wind turbines and you have a pretty redundant system, at night the wind blows and if there is no wind in the day, the sun usually shines.

Plug all this to your smart meter and buy an electric vehicle, EV with a V2G system and voila, you are getting paid to drive.  We are sure there will be a shake down with government and local officials who depend on gas tax but this technology is readily available with tax rebates to make it affordable faster than it has in the past.

Imagine having an environmentally correct home, that recycles your trash, makes compost and collect sun rays and wind to power itself and your car?  A few years ago, it was a pipe dream only a few die hard achieved.  Today it is here.

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