February 13, 2016

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The will is there, the consumer desire is here, even experts point to electric drive for electric vehicles, EV.

  1. The Time Is Right For Electric VehiclesCanada reports that the time is right for the EV push.  “Plug-in electric cars can make a breakthrough into the North American market within the next decade as the economy emerges from its current slowdown, says the head of an industry-led panel advising the Harper government.The task force, which includes auto manufacturers General Motors and Ford, says that up to 15 per cent of new cars on the road could be plug-in vehicles within the next decade.”
  2. Mitsubishi Proves Electric Vehicle Ready For Mass Consumption.  What does 100 miles at 87mh using only electricity, seats 4, s the first crash-tested EV from a mainstream carmaker ready for the the UK market?  The iMiEV, of course…
  3. Prius Battery Swap.  For many Prius owners, it will be time to change their battery pack, according to DailyTech.  The good news is that it came down last year.  Replacement of batteries for the first generation (2001-2003) are around $2,299 while the second generation batteries (2004-2008) are around $2,588.
  4. New Ford Escape Hybrid.  Ford is not resting on its laurels with its most fuel efficient mass produced hybrid, HEV SUV.  The 2009 version has better engine performance, can drive up to 40mph on electricity alone (up from 35), according to the SunTime.
  5. Grass Root Movement Helps Shape The Future Of Electric Drive. Grass root movement are key to reaching out to younger generations that will drive electric tomorrow.  According to Canada.com, students from Emily Carr, Vancouver are working on: “build a workable and realistic electric car that will cruise the Sea-to-Sky Highway during the 2010 Games.”

There you go.  Nothing stands in the way of progress… right?

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