February 10, 2016

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2008 was the reset button for the gas engine technology, either pushing it to extremes or altogether abandoning it in favors of the electric vehicle, EV.

If 2008 should be remembered as anything at all, it will have to be the push for the electrification of cars, through pure EV or other derivative of hybrids, HEVs.

The gist, the much awaited and anticipated EV came mostly through the announcement of the deliveries of the first Tesla Roadsters.  That’s where it culminated this summer.  Celebrities flock to it.

The big cable goes to the smaller cable which goes to the smaller cable…  Tesla.

Other cars broke the news, the Eliica definitely caught our attention as both proof of concept and now, we hear getting closer to manufacturing, according to Jalopnik.  This 8 wheel electric wonder can top off at 230 mph…

Then there was the funky Tango with its passenger seat behind the driver.  Clooney loves his!

And a few others, including the blistering fast and sadly now defunct Wrightspeed X-1,

pure essence, rightful descendant of the Lotus 7?

And of course, the announcement of the Lightening GT which redefines super-performance with luxury,

But these are the top dogs, the stuff dreams are made of.  There are plenty of others that are affordable and available.  Tango makes a $18,000 EV and another for around $35,000.  ZENN finally introduced its city dweller that uses EEStor’s famous or infamous ultracapacitators.  Miles Electric and GEM make small commuters that are perfect for city driving, giving birth to the neighborhood electric vehicle, NEV

What about the mainstream manufacturers? As the global economy crumbled, U.S. car makers were caught off guard after decades of gas guzzling indulgence.  It wasn’t until an entrenched Chrysler tantalized us with an electric Dodge, called the Dodge EV.

Will it make it to production?  Time will tell.

And there were plenty of people who couldn’t wait and converted their favorite cars and trucks to electricity.

2008 showed without any doubts electric cars are here, affordable and most can take care of more than 70% of the U.S. population that drives less than 40 miles a day.  2008 was the year of the electric car.  What will 20009 bring?

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