Electric Vehicle, Everyboday Wants The Mini E

Everybody seems to be attracted to the Mini E’s all electric vehicle, EV version of the gas Mini.  And there are plenty of reasons.

There has been a lot of good coverage on the electric Mini and frankly said, we understand why.

The gist, the gas powered version popular hit is small, handles well and is easy on the gas budget.  What else would anyone need?  An electric version, of course.   The pedigree speaks for itself, AC Propulsion inside, Mini’s inherent qualities makes this car a hot little item and at $850 a month to be leased, if you are accepted, it should provide for some fun.

AutomobileMag also test drove it and found it to be comparable to our testing of the AC Propulsion’s eBoxTheir conclusion?it is no glorified golf cart.”  With enough power to spin those front wheels, an electronic traction controller is here to make sure you stay on the road. There take is that the electric version is between a Cooper and a Copper S.

This reminds us of the other electric Mini we drove at the Los Angeles Alternative Car Expo, the Hybrid Technologies LIV Flash electric Mini.  Whereas the eBox felt like it was ready to pounce, the LIV Flash was milder.  We can only imagine BMW’s version of an AC Propulsion electric Mini must be a fun city car with enough get up and go to finally convert any gear head to electricity.  We should know…