Electric Vehicles, Aptera’s Impressive Future

Decidedly, we hear a lot about the electric vehicle, EV and plug-in hybrid, PHEV Aptera these last days and for good reasons.

We covered the Aptera story here previously and we are happy to see the company is pushing to get its EVs and PHEVs out the door.

The gist, the Aptera Typ-1e and the Typ-1h were designed with obvious aerodynamics in mind.  The Typ-1e has a range of 100 miles, optional regenerative braking and achieves 90mph, with 0-60 in about 10 seconds.  The Typ-1h PHEV can cover 600 miles with an impressive 300mpg.

The News.  Up until now, the Apteras were supposed to have been rear-driven through an elaborate belt drive but according to GizMag, the drive will now be from the front wheels.  Why is it important? W already know how the Aptera excels at crash ratings and this news furthers the improvement of the traction, stability and greater efficiency at high-speed of the vehicles.

Typ-1 Becomes Aptera-2e.  The Typ-1 is changing its name to Aptera-2e with an increased durability, better noise insulation and more room for cargo over the previous configuration.

Safety Features.  As we mentioned before, that is Aptera’s strong point and the vehicles will include; driver and passenger airbags, energy absorbing and impact deflecting passenger Safety Cell, as well as RFID Key Fob, Solar Assisted Climate Control, GPS navigation and a CD/MP3/DVD player will be optional.

The Price.  All things considered, you get a lot for what the company is asking.  After a refundable $500 deposit for the electric 2e, due in 2009, the vehicle should cost around $30,000, with a PHV due in 2010.

Aptera is on to something big here and shows again that there is a choice for U.S. drivers who don’t necessarily want to wait for the industry to offer what they are asking for.