February 9, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Here is our part 2 on the weekend news regarding electric vehicles, EV and other hybrid, HEV technologies.  Of course, as most news center around the federal loan of TARP money to GM and Chrysler, it is interesting to see how that will effect EVs.

China Better Place? Could the Better Place model work in China?  This is what the ShangaiDaily asks.  With EV cost has to come down dramatically and  a good consumer credit rating system to avoid customer defaults, Better Place could work in China.  And with the country considering a car purchase tax cut, according to SteelGuru, it might just work to place China and the alternative vehicle key player.

Cerberus Ridding Itself Of Chrysler.  Call it a good move or a bad one, but it seems Cerberus wants to let go of its entire equity stake to labor and creditors to help Chrysler secure its $4 billion portion of a federal loan package, according to AutoNews.  Why?  Altruistic or not, with the mess Chrysler is in, Cerberus missed to the boat to revamp the company with Nardelli and sell it in time.  In order to receive the loan, Chrysler needs to swap equity for debt to reduce its debt load and to fund half of its obligation to the UAW Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association trust with stock.  What a political intrigue this has become.

California Police Switch To EV.  Non, not yet for the road chases with EV, but at least electric scooters are finding their way in, according to the PoliceOne website.  The Ventura police bought two high-tech T3 Motion electric scooters.  Signs of time!

3 B-Class Running Concepts.  Mercedes will be testing out 3 EV concepts that are supposed to reach the market by 2010, according to Welt.  The Blue-Zero concepts, will hit the road soon.  Even though Mercedes had a slow start, they have been working on two fuel efficient fronts, traditional gas and electric engines.

Is BYD’s Plug-In Hybrid GM’s Worse Nightmare? Good question but we wonder if BYD means anything to GM at this moment.  The Volt is a good year away, if the company survives and GM’s best hope would be to convert some of its already effective hybrids, HEV to plug-in hybrids, PHEV.  None the less, the Fool website asks a good question.

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