February 6, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Here is part 2 of our electric vehicle, EV news world coverage.

Top Gear’s Tesla Slap & Hydrogen Honda Ruling.  While Top Gear is a celebrated car enthusiastic show, their forte still remains in the gasoline powered car segment.  These two stories highlight how it can take some time to cross over and get our facts right, even to the most willing.  First one is the Tesla Slap job top Gear performed, according to WiredThe gist, they tested both Roadsters and Jeremy Clarkson was blown away by the acceleration but ultimately ran to quick conclusion without serious thoughts.  Tesla’s response is calmer than Jeremy’s usual fast paced sarcasm.  The battery pack didn’t run dry, the brake problem was because of a fuse, changed in 2 minutes.  Oh to be a TV star and mock fun cars…

The next one is James May unashamed love of the Honda Clarity hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicle, FCV, from EcoGeek.  Unfortunately, Jame’s knowledge of hydrogen is very limited and the result calling the hydrogen car a far better vehicle than slow accelerating EV is down right puzzling.  Maybe that British humor and sarcasm gets lost in translation?

Oil Price Down, Alternative Vehicles Must Persevere.  It’s not because oil prices are coming down that EVs should take a back seat.  Yes, consumer have the uncanny short memory span of the summer days when gas pump prices scared them, and it seems as it has gone down, SUV and pickup trucks sales have picked up.  Yikes…  Are you serious?  Does anyone think it will remain low?  A scary thought.  And so, according to AllHeadlineNews, industry analysts warn of the impact of setting aside the current search for fuel and energy alternatives as it may lead to another round of surge in oil prices when the global economy recovers.  And we thought that was obvious.

Honda Gets Serious About Lithium.  After downplaying the importance of lithium battery technology, Honda battery maker GS Yuasa agreed to a joint venture to produce and sell lithium-ion batteries for gasoline-electric hybrid cars., according to Reuters.

There you go for today.  Hope you are enjoying the news.