February 11, 2016

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We have been reading more and more about the fate of blogging and how fast the industry has grown, we felt we should give our view and reason why Electricnick.com exists.

First of all, blogs take up a space that is much needed in today’s partial and biased news media.  Considering there are but a handful of companies that hold information out to newspapers and TV stations, coupled to budget cuts on reporter staff make this situation we are in, less readership as the quality goes down.  In fact, we still wonder why there aren’t, to our knowledge magazines consecrated to hydrid, HEV and electric vehicles, EV only.

Given the situation newspapers and news website tread lightly between stories and advertisers, we know it is something to be aware of.  Stories must be told, people must speak their minds and companies need to take an honest look at situations.  Advertising good products will always have a greatest chance at successful sales than advertising a product with little need in a biased story.  People are know what they want, most of the time and are now very interested in how cheap is it, how low are its emission when it comes to cars.  What we have found is that PR pitches and flashy lingo tech words don’t win everyone anymore.

Case in point, is the little amount of stories we find on hydrogen technology.  Some people’s eyes glaze over at the mention of the word: “hydrogen” while most comments we read are scoffing the technology as impracticable and a way to reinvent the wheel.  None the less, we still find the technology relevant to EVs, just not fully ready yet and with more hurdles than current batteries has.

In the end, we read quality blogs and media news we trust (most of the time), while following some journalists who have the uncanny capability to see the bigger picture.  There are quality blogs out there, and then, there are the others.  A blog should be about a topic that has a many questions around it.  It should bring the news in as an unbiased way as possible, while leaving it to the reader to make up their minds.

As more and more old time bloggers leave the scene, we are compelled to continue doing what we do best and enjoy most, write everyday about our favorite subjects, for a tight-knit community that sees the clear future electric cars have.  Sure there are hurdles to the technology, but so does every new and revolutionary ideas.  It’s never stopped the most important ones to come about.  In the meantime, we stick to treating blogs as what they are, writing relevant and quality stories on a topic we feel will have the greatest impact on our society.  In our case, electric cars of all sorts.

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