February 11, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Here is a refreshing and hopeful look at how to clean up the environment problems we created.  Turn coal mines into alternative energy sources.  How?

The gist, EcoGeek picked up a story on how we can turn some of those old coal mines into a suitable platform for geo-thermal energy.  It makes sense.  Coal mines can go very deep into the crust and at its bottom, temperature rises.  The trick is, how do you tap that energy efficiently without losing steam, all puns intended.

Technically speaking, digging extremely deep holes is expensive, so how about using the ones already dug?  It’s not as if we don’t have enough holes in the ground, digging for resource, with centuries of coal mining and exploration there enough to turn lemon into lemon juice.

Take for instance the Dutch town of Heerlin that has found a way to recycle, if you wish its old coal mines.  By using the mine that has been flooded with water, they are bringing up heat and hot water to 350 businesses and residents.  The heat in the mine water is exchanged into clean drinking water so that residents have drinkable water.

Stories like this remind us again, and again that there are many fixes to the giant puzzle on how to backtrack on the problems we created.  With mass consciousness having reached a critical point, it seems the tipping point is here.  There is enough momentum to continue alternative energy production.  Why is it so important and we spend, maybe too much time stressing it?  It is the best hope electric vehicles, EV have for today where they can truly say, we run better than gas and don’t pollute.