February 11, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Here is a look at part 2 of the news on electric vehicles, EV and related technologies around the world.

Electric Is The Fuel Of Choice. According to a survey on TheGreenCarWebsite, which asked: “Which do you believe will be the ultimate fuel of the future for our vehicles?”  The answer was clear, electricity!

  • Electric (41%, 275 Votes)
  • Hydrogen fuel cell (26%, 179 Votes)
  • Hybrid technology (13%, 87 Votes)
  • New biofuel technologies (Algae, biomass, non-food crops, cellulosic ethanol etc) (9%, 63 Votes)
  • Diesel (5%, 34 Votes)
  • Petrol (4%, 26 Votes)
  • First generation biofuel (Ethanol, biodiesel) (2%, 12 Vote)

Pros And Cons Of Solar Farms.  Solar farms seem like a viable alternative for clean, renewable energy but they pose a problem for the environment.  According to LiveScience, the pros are that solar energy is clean, renewable and has vast potential but the cons are, the sun is not always out, wild life would change if solar panels cover the ground.  You decide and while you are at it, tell us what you think.

2010 Dodge EV Facelift? At the door of bankruptcy, it doesn’t hurt to show what you have in store, regardless of not you can make it.  According to AutoWeek, our favorite Detroit EV is adorning a Dodge nose and tail now.  Though the “spied” pictures are blurry, you can see how the dodgy Dodge nose and tail would look on it.  As long as the EV rolls out at an affordable price, we are happy.

Battery Beach Burnouts… Hum, why not?  The Florida event called 2009 Battery Beach Burnout will be held by the Florida Electric Auto Association (FLEAA) for a showcase of alternative fuel / EV competition, in Jupiter, FL at Florida Atlantic University February 21st  and 22nd.

Where Is Subaru? Remember a while back we wrote about Subaru’s RE1?  It was the first small Japanese sub-compact EV to grab attention until Mitsubishi came out with their iMieEV.  Well, an unlikely alliance is being formed with Better Place (yes, they are everywhere!) and Subaru, according to MarketWatchThe gist? Better Place announced it is joining Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., therefore Subaru, and other Japanese carmakers in the first Ministry of Environment, EV project in Japan.  Why is it important? Better Place, the only foreign company invited to the table will work with carmakers to focus on the future development of next-generation vehicles.  The government’s project wants to move to sustainable transportation using various electric-car models and EV infrastructure in multiple cities to demonstrate feasibility.  A clear example of going forward, even if the local economy is in crisis.

That’s it for today.  Enjoy the news.

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